Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Year in a Nutshell...

In order to bring y'all up to speed, I thought I would give you the readers digest version of the last year. Here goes:

1.We added to our little family in the  fuzzy little form of a second Siamese cat to keep ole furgenius company.  He was a rescue kitten, swooped up and saved at a kill shelter by a Labrador retriever rescue, and located by us via Petfinder.  He was named Merlin when we got him, and it fit so we kept it...but like ole furgenius, there have been many rounds of nicknaming that followed (because calling a cat "monkeyface" makes  perfect sense). He has giant feet, and he is a terrible kleptomaniac. Lately, his favorites include whatever he can pull out of my purse, Boygenius' keys (which he hides under the bed), and books out of the bookshelves (which he pulls under the couch). I think he's trying to work his way though the whole set of penguin classics.

2. After many, many, months (like 15 months here people!) of being car-less, I am now happily back behind the wheel. This was due to a national auto repair chain (who shall remain nameless, lest the mere mention of the name send me into a apoplectic fit) ruining my car's engine  while replacing a belt, breaking off a bolt, breaking a drill bit off trying to remove the bolt, and then refusing to repair the damage until made to by  binding BBB arbitration. So yay! But I do have to admit that I miss busknitting.

3. I took another fine trip out of the country with my sister. This time it for 10 days to the sunny country of  Costa Rica, and I didn't pick up my needles once during the 1000+ miles  we rode on a bus.

4. I started wet-felting in earnest.

5. Wet-felting allowed me to make a scarf that looks like a giant strip of bacon. I still can't make up my mind is this is a good or a bad thing. I mean, who really needs a scarf that looks like a strip of bacon? Expect a tutorial in the semi-near future, so I'm saving the pics :)

6. I've had tendinitis in my elbow which has caused me to significantly slow up on my knitting since June. I did a little research online and I got this theraband flexbar to strengthen some muscles and take some pressure off the tendons. It seems to be doing good things for me, so you might want to give it a gander if you have similar issues. (*I'm just a happy customer, no ties to the company or anything & I'm certainly not a doctor so proceed at your own risk.*)

7. I am in the midst of planning the humdinger of all baby showers for my best friend (more details & eventual pics to follow). It's been loads of fun, and I can't wait to meet this little one!

I'm looking forward to showing you guys some of the things I've been working on. Good things are coming folks!

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