Monday, August 30, 2010


 Sorry y'all. Must have fallen asleep. I was out a lot longer than I meant to be..

Yep, its me. Back from the ether with a new resolve. I've got this spanky new background and a new resolve to get cranking on this here blog in a major way. I can''t say that the look is final yet-I could change my mind on it a half dozen times before we are through-but it certainly looks a lot better than the sorry one that occupied this space a while back.

For the benefit of the both the blog I have instituted a solid NO CHRISTMAS KNITTING policy for the year. Yessir. Not a single stitch will pass  from my needles and into the hands of a friend or relative this year. It's going to be the ultimate experiment for me to see that  I don't crack and try to slide some mittens in under the radar, and possibly a grand relief for relatives who were straining under the weight of the wool of years past. Should be interesting. Hope you stay tuned.

I'll be back on Wednesday with a "year in a nutshell" post that will bring you up to speed on just what has been keeping me hopping for the past year, as well as a few of the small pearls of wisdom I have gathered during that time. In the meantime, if anyone can tell me what the heck this is you will be my hero:

  Love always,


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