Monday, November 2, 2009

Explainations, Excuses, and General Information.

Ah yes. In answer to Karen's question, the toilet-riding clowniness came from a carnival themed tailgate party at work. You can say that I took it a little bit too far, but I think it was just far brings a whole new meaning to casual Friday when you are making balloon animals and riding a toilet. Any excuse I can get to make a raging fool of myself in public, and I am totally there. It's a tragic flaw in my character, really. It comes from the long buried high school drama geek in me. I was the best drunken villager that I could be in Brigadoon, not a single line, but lots of enthusiastic dancing and faux drunken stumbling...but I digress.

So, whats shaking? The Christmas knitting is in full swing around these parts. I'm kind of at a loss though, because some of the members of my family sneak in here to keep tabs on me, and I'm hesitant to spoil any Christmas surprises by putting up pictures. How do ya'll handle this one? Whats a knit blogger to do between November and the new year when the fingers are flying and things need to stay secret? I'm still trying to figure that out. All I can say is that I started and finished 2 projects for assorted family members over the weekend, and now my hands are mush. I'm going to need to take a day to let em rest up for the next woolly battle.

Happy Monday!

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Karen said...

Well, it's a tough one, surely. The rest of us will just have to wait and wonder, because family surprises trump internet stalkers every time.

Yes, EVERY time.