Thursday, October 22, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Random...

In the million and fifty years since I last posted anything, the following things have occurred:

1. I have finished the hemlock ring, and cursed extensively as my blocking boards were not big enough to properly block it as tightly as I would like. But the blanket is beautiful and a crazy fast knit.

2. I have finished 2 pairs of Bella's Mittens-(one for me and one for boygenius who saw them and fell in love with big cabled mittens that vaguely resemble the coolest oven mitts ever).

3. I have lost my cell phone in a rain storm. Its lifeless carcass was found by a neighbor who decided it would be a smashing idea to sit it out on the front stoop of our apartment building so it could then be stolen by a random passerby. Note to phone thief: I shake my fist at you, random phone stealing stranger. You are made of suck.

4. Boygenius and I bought a new mattress and now for the first time in 7 years, I can sleep without feeling like random body parts were going to fall off in the morning. Yay for big people beds that my feet don't hang off of and yay for high thread count sheets! Yay for curling up in said bed and knitting my freaking brains out!

5. Boygenius and I have celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, and the 5th birthday of the diabolical Furgenius.

6. Oh yeah, and this happened:

Yes, thats me dressed up as a clown. And yes, I am riding a motorized toilet.
Don't ask.


Karen said...

But I simply MUST ask! Inquiring minds want to know. HOW did you come to be dressed in a clown suit and riding on a motorized toilet?!!!

Karen said...

It still freaks me out to be given a real word in Blogger's word verification thingie. To verify this post, I will have to type the word, "pastless".

I feel like it's trying to tell me something, but I don't know what.